World’s largest Owl hatches Giant Babies outside man’s window and now they watch tv with him

The Eurasian eagle owl, one of the biggest owls in the world, made a home in Jos Baart’s apartment planter on the third floor. They’ve begun to watch TV via the window with their new landlord ever since the mother owl’s three enormous chicks hatched.

The enormous, fluffy chicks were watching the television screen over Baart’s shoulder in video footage from the Dutch nature program Vroege Vogels, or Early Birds in English.

Usually hiding behind a shrub, their less affectionate mother keeps an eye on her hatchlings, appearing to be a little warier of Baart and her offspring’s TV-watching habits.

He explains in the video, “She gets a fantastic view of the nest from there. “She can stay there for a stretch of six to eight hours.”

Baart formerly considered them a bother, but now they seem to get used to one another.

In the video, he was saying, “I thought, damn, those pigeons again. One day when he got home, the big mother owl took off right in front of him, proving him wrong.

Baart says in the video, “You can see how relaxed they are. They’re not at least frightened. It feels to me like I’m watching a movie nonstop.

The U.S. National Aviary states that although eagle owls normally build their nests on cliffs and ledges. They occasionally raid abandoned golden eagle nests. The species Bubo bubo is the largest owl in the world, having a wingspan of more than 1.5 meters. They have a long lifespan of 20 years in the wild with no natural predators. But they can survive up to 60 years in captivity.





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