Dog Left Alone in Front of Tire Repair Shop With Disabled Unwanted With Bent Legs

When Lindomar and Ozimar Queiroz showed up early for work in February at a tire repair shop in Porto Velho’s North Zone, they were startled. They noticed a dog by the side of the road when they arrived at their destination. It had open paws and was thin. Although they made an effort, they were unable to locate the dog’s owner. As a result, Galego chose to care for him until they were able to find him a permanent residence. The canine is still without a home twenty days later.

The dog was taken right away to the Queiroz brothers’ store, where they fed and cared for it. They claim that the dog’s owner dropped him in front of their business on purpose. The dog was unable to walk properly because its two front legs were bent backward.
The seal’s position on the board, which prohibited it from moving, gave rise to its name. He would occasionally be moved by the mechanics, but eventually he would end up in the muck chasing after a stray cat.

The dog’s owner, Lindomar Queiroz, stated that the animal needed veterinary attention. Sadly, he cannot afford it. When it was captured, the dog was underweight; now he’s gaining weight.

Following social media outrage over the dog’s abandonment, a couple from Foca Porto Velho decided to adopt him. The pit bull was cared for for more than three weeks by workers at a tire shop who discovered him on the street. He was given food and drink. They initially called him “Foca,” but Michele took him home and gave him a new name.

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