A Dog Is Paralyzed by a Car as She Goes Into Labor; Mother and Child Cling to Each Other and Pray

Certainty is one thing. The love of a mother is unrivaled. According to ilovemydogsomuch, a dog named Flower found it challenging to learn the fundamentals. It was difficult to locate decent food and housing. However, Flower was struck by a car, seriously injuring her hip and rear leg. The dog collapsed in agony, and as she waited for the agony to pass, something strange occurred. Flower had a baby! Despite being unable to walk, she made an effort to care for her newborns. She did her best to clean and feed the puppies. However, their wounds were severe. Despite Flower’s efforts, the puppies perished.

Fortunately, a local rescuer heard about the dog and her cubs and sprung into action to assist them. Flower underwent a six-hour procedure at the closest animal hospital after being transported there. Another gorgeous dog cared for the puppies as Flower continued to rest and heal. She cared for the puppies even if she wasn’t their real mother.

Tara's 2 Week Old Puppies - Summer Brook
Even though Flower’s surgery was a success and her health has since improved, her story is far from over. Two of the pups perished from illnesses and a lack of medical care. All individuals who came into contact with Flower are grieving for these priceless people, which is sad.

Our Litter Of Golden Retriever Pups - Week 2 - Puppy In Training

Only one puppy is left, and he is also ill. Without her child, Flower is still recovering. Intensive care must continue for her pet. That Flower and her child have lived is in and of itself a miracle. They need our prayers as they both struggle to survive. Can you send any to them?

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