Dog Saved Just in Time After Being Tied up in a Garbage Bag and Left by a Riverbed to Rot

The garbage bag was discovered by two women who were out for a stroll in Messina, southern Italy. They went to investigate when they heard whimpers coming from the bag. They were frightened and shocked by what they found.

The puppy had been placed in a rubbish bag, tied with electrical wire. He was discarded alongside the Terme Vigliatore river. A dead calf that was festering nearby added to the scene’s misery.

Animal rescue volunteer Linda Li responded to the need for assistance. She mentioned the young dog’s critical condition. He was in shock and dehydrated  covered with hundreds of ticks and fly larvae.
The insects were “eating him alive,” Linda remarked. After giving him water, his rescuers promptly put him in a car. They drove him to the nearest veterinarian.

Veterinarians who examined Oliviero found that he had unidentified trauma-related paralysis of his hind legs.

After being saved, Oliveira has now been living with Dominique Mastroianni for a year. His new life is wonderful. Oliveira enjoys playing with his canine siblings and spending time with his new parents. It’s difficult to think he was so close to death after seeing him today. Oliveira has made great progress.


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