It Seems Like a Scene From a Movie When Farm Animals Band Together To Save Chickens From Hawk Attacks

Animal interaction may be seen on a Dutch farm thanks to a home security camera.

When he heard a disturbance coming from one of the enclosed enclosures, Gelderland farmer Jaap Beets was attending to other matters.
In the footage, a raptor attacked a chicken that was lying out in the open.

Farm animals team up to save chicken from hawk attack and it's like a scene  out of a movie

Without realizing it had just infiltrated a society of animals, the hawk would have been successful in taking off with its prey.

At first, the chicken successfully avoided the dive-bomb attack, but the fast hawk soon had her pinned up against the fence.
The chicken bravely repelled the hawk, sending feathers flying all over the place. Then, suddenly, a rooster charged into the commotion.

Farm animals protect chicken friend from hawk attack

The moment the victim turned to face the hawk directly was a somber one. Before the hawk could continue to fight, another friend entered the fray and joined the fight.
Beets’ goat, Bruin, charged the hawk horns first.
The hawk flew away with nothing in its beak, or should we say nothing in its beak. When it left the property, you could see other farm animals who had been hiding in the neighboring shrubbery run back to the shelter of the shed.

Chicken rescued from hawk by rooster and goat | video | —  Australia's leading news site

“I have always worked in environmental activities and in nature protection,” Beets told SWNS. “I grew up with a profound regard for nature.” “We make every effort to support nature as much as we can.”


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