A 90-Year-old Neighbor Visits a Dying Dog To Say His Final Goodbye

You’ve suffered a lot of loss by the time you’re 90 years old. All of these are difficult. However, being able to say goodbye is a gift in those delicate and heartbreaking moments.

90-year-old neighbor comes to say goodbye to the dying dog - to his best  friend

A 90-year-old man is bidding farewell to a close buddy, who just so happens to be his neighbor’s chocolate lab who has grown white with age.
He gets along well with the dog. The dog also adored him. Every day he brought her biscuits, and she surely anticipated seeing her friend each time. Without a doubt, he will miss her.

90-Year-Old Neighbor Comes To Say Goodbye To Dog During Her Final Days

Despite how difficult it is to do, her owner was nice enough to let him see her off to the bridge. She greets him with a tail wag even now, demonstrating her love for the man by being overjoyed to see him.

When he comes to her, she is lying on the lush grass in her yard with her family at her side. Despite his advanced age, he gets down on his knees to kiss her and touch her adorable belly.

She no longer rushes to him in a panic. She seemed to be unable to stand any longer. However, she is still able to raise her head, and she manages to exude joy that he has come to her. She appears appreciative of having him nearby.

90-Year-Old Neighbor Says Final Goodbye To Furry Friend In Video

Both happy and sad emotions are present at the same time. One of the most challenging things in the world is to say goodbye to a devoted dog. One of life’s greatest blessings is the ability to remain by their side and provide them with love and comfort.

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