After Two Years Apart, a Horse Rescued on Craigslist Recognizes His First Mother.

When Emma first arrived at the ranch, she saw Mikko. She frequently visited the property because she had the impression that the horse needed her assistance.

 Horse found on Craigslist recognizes his first mom after 2 years apart

But creating a connection between the two wasn’t that simple. Mikko initially displayed extreme fear and wouldn’t move an inch toward Emma. She made the decision to remain still and see his response. He approached her slowly, and she thought that was a big step forward.

Every day, their relationship got stronger. By the way, his ears perked up whenever he spotted Emma or when he eventually let her touch and rub him, the small gestures and actions demonstrated how Mikko trusted Emma.

But their good times came to an end. When Emma once went to the ranch, she was unable to find Mikko. They claimed he was “too much work” and that’s why they sold him. This broke Emma’s heart because of the closeness they had developed and because she was aware that he only had confidence in her.

Emma looked for Mikko for two years. A friend forwarded her a Craigslist advertisement for a tiny, frightened-looking horse. She gave it a close look and noticed those white marks that Mikko had.

She quickly started the 12-hour round trip travel to get to him. Emma wasn’t sure if he still knew her, but as soon as she entered the room, he stood up and approached her. He asked her to take him along as he banged his head against her chest.

She did as well. He was driven home by her. When Mikko arrived at Emma’s barn, he was frightened. She touched him, and his shaking caused him to run in circles. Emma tried to teach him, but he always misbehaved in their presence. She wasn’t discouraged, though, because she wanted the best for her beloved Mikko.

Emma made the choice to teach him herself. Mikko gradually became accustomed to her and started to obey her.

The moment he let her put a saddle on him and rode in it marked the biggest development.

Mikko eventually grew to like hiking the trail with her.  From the moment Emma first saw him on that property, he shown a marked improvement in his personality. Whether she rode him or he walked closely behind her, their excursions into the woods were always enjoyable.

Mikko fit right in with their family. He lived side by side well with Emma’s other horses, two dogs, and a pig in a barn. She also has a great support system for her boyfriend, Max, especially when she wants to bring Mikko home.

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