Owner Installs up Cameras and Leaves Dogs at Home Alone With 2,000 Tennis Balls to Watch What Happens.

Kakoa is an Agouti Siberian Husky, while Sky is a black-and-white Siberian Husky, according to their owner.   Countless videos with the two adorable dogs have received more than 510 million views.

Their owner records their responses as he leaves them alone in a room filled with tennis balls in one of their movies. The guy brings 2,000 tennis balls to his Nevada house, as shown in the picture below.

He brings the huskies inside after placing all the tennis balls in the living room.

In addition to mounting a GoPro on Sky to ensure that he doesn’t miss anything his two best companions do when he is away from home. He has already installed three cameras around the house to record video of the dogs from various angles.

So after bringing the dogs inside, he leads them to the front door and begs them to be good guys while he is gone for a little. The dogs initially display some confusion as he closes the door behind them before moving in the direction of the living room and kitchen.

They notice the balls in the living room and cautiously approach them. The dogs return to the door after that. They are likely checking to see if their owner has left, as stated in a note from their owner.

They spend some time in the room behind the door before returning to the living room, which resembles a paradise for dogs.

Kakoa now shows high excitement than before. In fact, he attempts to playfully push Sky into playing with him. However, they quickly tire of the game and go back to the door.

The dogs are overjoyed to see their owner when he finally comes home. The real party begins when he brings them into the living room with him!

Both Kakoa and Sky start jumping and running around, happily pursuing the balls when their owner starts throwing them.

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