Cute Little Turtle Makes a Charming Attempt To Eat His First Strawberry.

Humans have an incredibly strong motherly instinct that goes to anything that resembles their kids.

Certain infant animals resemble humans more than others. But there are still similarities, such as the helpless expressions, plump cheeks, and rounder bodies.

If you enjoy watching young animals, you’ll adore this picture of a newborn turtle enjoying its first strawberry.

The food of turtles is rather varied.

They eat algae, fruit that has fallen to the ground, water plants, worms, aquatic insects, snails, and insect larvae in the wild. Some types may also eat mushrooms, flowers, and grasses.

Fortunately, these meals are widely accessible, allowing turtle owners to give their pets the precise things that they would consume in their natural environment. Turtle newborns take some time to get solid diets, much like human babies do.

When they are young, turtles prefer to eat food sticks, flakes, or pellets. All of which may be found at your neighborhood pet store.

But when they’re prepared, you can start giving them live bugs and worms before introducing the more difficult foods, including fruits and vegetables.

Eating a fruit that is larger than your body is not a good idea.

Unsurprisingly, Kirby’s strawberry expedition doesn’t turn out that well.

Unintentionally, he keeps shoving it away from him with his mouth. In any case, it was probably best that Kirby wasn’t able to consume too many strawberries.

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