A Three-legged Cat, Barely Hanging On, Returns to the Home Where He Was Once Shown Kindness

A three-legged cat returns to the home where he was shown love when he was desperate and at the end of his rope.
A man once noticed a three-legged cat perched on the kitchen window ledge and gazing inside. His appearances to play with the man’s cat, Seson, got more frequent as the days passed.

Barely Hanging On A Three-Legged Cat Returns To The House Where He Was Once  Shown Kindness - Arm Press Media
The length of his visits grew with time, and the nice guy and the stray started to build a bond. The cat eventually got to the point where he had his own designated space in the house, a set of dishes, and a name: Bubby.

For the guy, he and his family had fallen in love with the three-legged cat with half a tail, and in no time at all, Bubby and Seson were the closest of friends.
Bubby stayed over at the house on a regular basis until the man’s untimely death in 2017. He barely made one more entrance into the house before leaving forever, crushed.
In a desperate attempt to locate Bubby, the man’s family left food out, but they were unsuccessful.

That remained the case up until 2019, when a next-door neighbor noticed a cat with three legs who looked eerily familiar emerge and make his way to a home where he had once known love.

Cat with 3 Legs Went Back to House Where He Discovered Kindness, and Found  Family of His Dreams - Love Meow

Ray immediately saw the orange tabby’s decline in health. Bubby was nearing the bottom of a spiral. Before it was too late, Ray could tell that something needed to be done. He rushed Bubby to Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables after picking up the nearly lifeless body.

He started the road to recovery at the shelter.

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