A Puppy Becomes a Tiger Cub’s Best Friend When It Is Rejected by Its Mother!

Who would have ever imagined that a puppy and a tiger could be great friends?
A young and active Bengal tiger cub was born in South Africa at the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary.
His mother, who resided in the capital city, had to be taken away from him after she started acting in an aggressive manner towards him.

According to Anthea Michaletos, a volunteer at the refuge, Hunter was born at a time when the mother must have felt [com.promised] in some way as she rejected him.

Tiger Cub Rejected by its Mother Finds a Best Friend in a Puppy - Kingdoms  TV

He was the lone cub in his litter, so having a friend is crucial for him.

At that moment, Hunter and Chelsea, the German pointer puppy owned by Michaletos, started to get along.

They appear to be genuinely happy with each other.

The small guys are now always together, according to Michaletos. Chelsea will rush to his cage and say hello to him every morning when I take her outside.

Baby Tiger Cub Rejected By Its Mother Finds A Best Friend In A Puppy -  Kingdoms TV
He can play just like he would with a different littermate thanks to the assistance of his four-legged pal.
The tiny cubs need companionship so much that they even cry when it’s time for them to separate during the day.
Unfortunately, the relationship between the two had to end since a six-month-old tiger cub can be dangerous for a six-month-old dog to play with.
No matter who you are, love is all you need. Kindness and compassion go a long way.

Tiger Cub Rejected by its Mother Finds a Best Friend in a Puppy - Kingdoms  TV

If these two creatures can get along, people from all across the world could benefit from their friendship.

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