Rescued elephant destroys sprinkler and has a blast

This video shows that elephants are actually some of the funniest and most playful companions in the world, despite their size and intelligence.

The heartwarming thing you need this week is the video with the title “Elephant break the sprinkler and play.”

Furthermore, the backstory is fantastic. Faa Sai, one of the park elephants who had one of the most difficult beginnings a mammal could ever have, is where it all begins.

Four-year-old Faa Sai was terrified and blind when she was first found.

The small animal started starving herself because she was so anxious and depressed about her living situation. Little Faa Sai was fading away, chained, chained, and blind. She eventually started to lash out at her keepers as a result of how they were under pressure. Finally intervening and maybe saving her life was Elephant Nature Park.

When the ENP staff removed the young elephant from the circus ring, they were horrified to see how traumatized she was.

Even though, Faa’s severe trauma could not compare to the love she received from her new keepers and the other elephants in the Preserve. She found love and care and would never experience beatings again. The angry elephant left, and a new, playful one started to emerge.

Years later, Faa Sai is seen splashing around in some water, a far cry from the condition she once called home.

Faa was running towards a stream of water and trumpeting at the beginning of the now-viral video. Why is there a water stream? In an effort to play, Faa Sai had damaged one of the sprinklers. The situation was too adorable to upset anyone, despite the fact that she had broken something.

Faa played and trumpeted while letting the water splash all over her, finally living the life she was living for.


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