A Puppy Looking for a Home Sits in a Shelter and Smiles at Passersby

Meet Burreaux, a sweet black lab puppy who did his best to smile at everyone who passed the kennel in the hopes of being adopted. Director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana Courtney Wingate noticed the trio of puppies one day. He realized she couldn’t leave them alone.
All three puppies were taken in, but Burreaux’s endearing face drew her attention.

Courtney summoned a volunteer named Sarrah Walton  came and saved the puppies. She gave them the names of three Louisiana State University football players.

He was taken back to the animal hospital right away, where they treated him and helped him recover completely. Sarrah saw that Burreaux would smile widely whenever someone spoke to him in a high-pitched voice.
The dog  would flash his small teeth in a broad grin whenever someone called him a good boy. Sarrah remarked in a statement to The Dodo:

It happens every time you speak to him in a really pleasant way. He seemed to be seeking something as he smiled. It’s as if he’s saying, “Come love me, come pet me.”

When the puppies were prepared for adoption, the rescue determined that showcasing their unique skills online would be the most effective way to find them a home.

Joe was a natural at playing fetch; after a video of his abilities was shared, he was swiftly adopted.

The employees at the shelter decided to publish a video of Berreuax flashing his enormously lovely smile to showcase his charming personality.

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