The Cute Little Turtle Makes a Charming Attempt To Eat His First Strawberry

The food of turtles is rather diverse.
They consume algae, fruit that has fallen to the ground, water plants, worms, aquatic insects, snails, and insect larvae in the wild. Some people may also consume mushrooms, flowers, and grass.
Fortunately, these meals are widely accessible, allowing turtle owners to give their pets the precise things that they would consume in their natural environment.
Turtle newborns, like human infants, require some time to adjust to solid diets.

 Tiny turtle melts hearts with adorable effort to eat his very first strawberry

When they are young, turtles prefer to eat food sticks, flakes, or pellets, all of which may be obtained at your neighborhood pet store.

But when they’re prepared, you can start giving them live bugs and worms before introducing the more difficult foods, including fruits and vegetables.

It takes a lot of effort to eat a fruit that is larger than your entire body. The cute Russian tortoise in this video, known as Kirby, has gained notoriety for his eating habits.

More than 14 million people watched his strawberry nomming debut.
The idea behind the film is straightforward: he approaches a strawberry and tries to eat it.

Tiny turtle melts hearts with adorable effort to eat his very first  strawberry


The strawberry is larger than Kirby’s entire body, which makes this situation extremely comical. Consider attempting to eat something much larger than yourself!

Naturally, Kirby’s strawberry quest isn’t very successful.
He keeps pulling it away from him with his tongue by accident. In any case, it was probably for the best that Kirby couldn’t eat too much strawberry.

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