Black Bear Gets an Earful After Using Its Jaw to Open the Door of the Biologist’s House.

A black bear opened Susan’s front door with his mouth. Susan was lucky to be standing near the entrance at the time it happened. No one was wounded as a result of her ability to chase the bear away. How?

She spoke out loud.  Susan instructed the bear to leave and close the door behind him in a gentle, calm tone. According to Susan, “They can know by the tone of your voice.” Like, “Oh, such a good boy,” or “Stop it!” if I speak like this, they will know.

Susan is an authority in her field. Susan’s background as a scientist who has devoted years of her life to researching black bears also helps.

She, therefore, knew what to do when the black bear opened her door.

Susan spoke softly and soothingly to the black bear, “Close the door, honey.” ‘Shut the door. Knock on the door. Oh, good boy! The black bear initially appeared to be unable to understand what she was saying.

He opened the door and put his front paw on the rug by the door and over the entrance. To make sure the black bear heard her, Susan had to say what she said numerous times.

So he did.

The doorknob was grabbed with the black bear’s mouth as he backed up and pulled the door shut. Susan was aware that he would try to open it again because he didn’t completely close it.

“Are you going to open it once more?” Susan asked the bear. The door should be closed, you little stinker.

She kept urging him to fully close the door with her soothing voice.

As it happens, Susan lives in a region where black bear incidents are frequent. Additionally, a few months ago, she received a visit from this specific bear.

Susan found this bear waiting for her as she opened her front door. She also used a soothing voice to speak to him in order to make him go.

“Damn, bears are smart! Susan noted on the YouTube video of that initial visit, “This bear learned how to close the front door to my house.”

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