Pictures of a White Lion With His Majestic Mane Are Beautiful

This magnificent creature resides in South Africa’s Glen Garriff Preservation lion refuge.
The six-year-old lion was captured on camera by British wildlife photographer Simon Needham, who was initially “shocked” by Moya’s appearance.
“I love animals, but Moya’s incredible coat completely blew me away the moment I saw it,” he remarked.

Majestic white lion with immaculate head of hair is a hit at South African  wildlife sanctuary | Daily Mail Online

It was challenging to get close to him. I did manage to capture some excellent images of him as he walked through his area for a few brief seconds.
“When you are in the moment, you really do not get a chance to appreciate the attractiveness of everything. But certainly, after the fact, I realized what beautiful images we had.”

Although there are several white lions in conservation, they are extremely rare in the wild. Their coloration is a product of leucism, a genetic aberration that is similar to albinism but not as severe.

Simon expressed his desire for his images of Moya to increase public understanding of the sanctuary and the predicament of lions in the wild.
I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help, even if it’s just a little bit.



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