A Year Ago, a Family of Birds Broke Into a Couple’s Home, and They Now Return to Visit Each Day.

Raccoons or stray cats are two animals that could find their way into your house in many regions of the world.  They may really make a mess, and they also have a scent.

Even if they weren’t invited, certain animal visitors can be a bit more pleasant. You might even start to like them as a result.

This Australian couple’s home was once visited by a group of lorikeets in the wild.  Birds are able to enter places that other nosy creatures cannot since they can fly. A multi-story flat won’t have a raccoon or a stray cat peeping in the windows. But it’s insignificant to birds like lorikeets.

Therefore, if you have any food that appeals to their sense of smell, be ready for them to just come inside if they are nearby.

This incident with the lorikeets happened to Georgina and Christian.

Those lorikeets were wild, and they lived in the trees next to the couple’s flat. This meant that the birds could easily reach any food the couple might have with a quick trip.

You can see the countless lorikeets hanging out inside their apartment right away in the opening scene. Spending the afternoon in this manner must be enjoyable.

Take in the midday sky from your balcony while feeding some cute lorikeets with your hand.

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