A Dog That Was Saved From a Sewer Drain Hardly Had Enough Strength To Prevent Drowning

Phoenix, an Indian street dog, was on the verge of death when Animal Aid Unlimited intervened to save her. Even though she had fallen into a shallow area of water, she lacked the strength to keep herself from drowning. She was so shocked that the water was reaching her snout.

When our rescue team arrived, she was barely submerged in water, but Animal Aid Unlimited reports that she was already drowning. Weary, she stuck her nose into the water. Bubbles began to appear. If we had arrived even five minutes later, she might have drowned. When they hauled her out of the water and saw that her leg was entirely broken and necrotic, they realized why.

She may have been bewildered after being hit by a car and lying in the water in an effort to halt the bleeding or lessen the agony.
Phoenix was back at the hospital and starting to go into shock. Due to her immersion in the water, her pulse had slowed down and she was experiencing hypothermia. Phoenix’s life appeared to be gone, but rescuers started working to revive her.

We were worried that we would lose her. She desperately needed to have her leg amputated, but she couldn’t handle surgery. As a result, we spent several days attempting to stabilize her while also strengthening her and controlling the illness and pain. Three days after her surgery, it’s practically a miracle!


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