When a Smart Dog Notices Students Using Money to Purchase Food, He Tries To Imitate Them by Using Leaves

Even though we humans have a lot of knowledge about dogs, those adorable canine creatures still manage to surprise us. They are far more intelligent than we give them credit for being.
Negro, a black Labrador living in Colombia, uses tree leaves as “payment” for treats.
Negro serves as both the guard dog and student watchdog over the students on the campus of the Diversified Technical Education Institute, Monterrey Casanare.

Clever Dog Uses Leaves To Purchase Treats At School Store - The Dodo

The professors and students of the school provide the black dog with food, shelter, and plenty of scratches. Negro had seen students purchasing food from the school store throughout the years.

The smart dog grabbed a leaf as green as a dollar bill from a tree and brought it to the counter of the shop with a wagging tail.

Clever dog 'buys' cookies after creating own currency using leaves | Daily  Mail Online

The workers realized, as stupid as it appeared, that Negro had used his newly acquired currency to buy some cookies. This dog appears to have picked up a new skill from his human classmates.

The cashier was moved by his charming intelligence and chose to accept his payment.
Gladys Barreto, a store employee, remarked, “He comes for cookies every day. He always pays with a leaf. He buys it every day. It appears that Negros are an exception to the proverb “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Clever Dog Uses Leaves To Purchase Treats At School Store - The Dodo

Of course, they can’t just allow him to chop down all the trees and buy enough cookies to fill a shipping container. Negro is one example of a canine displaying a startling amount of intellect. It also appears that others are learning new things, considering the abundance of knowledge offered by colleges.

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