Man in the Middle of the River Is “Saved” by a Baby Elephant.

People kill elephants for their ivory, which only they can produce. Because of this, having these creatures in the wild can be harmful. As a result, sanctuaries receive some of the animals that are put through difficulties.

Kham La experienced just that.

Kham La, a five-year-old, was transported to Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park.

The baby elephant had to go through the “breaking spirits” ceremony, which is meant to make elephants adapt to people, after being taken from her mother at a young age.

They were both thrilled about this. Her mother was initially apprehensive because of the trauma their previous separation had caused her. But soon they had reestablished their connection.

Kham La had the chance to show everyone that elephants are in fact kind-hearted creatures with no desire to harm humans the same year. On the contrary, if they notice a human in need, they are willing to provide a helping… hoof.

When Kham La noticed a man floating in the river, she actually saved her life, or at least that’s what she wanted to do.

Kham La saw a sanctuary employee called Darrick swimming in the river. Darrick didn’t appear to be in any danger. She acted right after realizing she had to help him.

The elephant dashed into the water and began hastily approaching the man. Darrick began swimming to the river bank as he saw Kham La heading in his direction. He may have been worried an accident may happen if the enormous animal got too close to him.

Kham La eventually approaches Darrick, who appears happy that she went so far as to save him.

The elephant stretches out her trunk, allowing the man to cling to it like a pool noodle. The man turns his head to smile at the camera as the two come together in what appears to be a romantic hug.

With over 21 million views, the touching video has become popular.

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