The Elderly Widow Finds That the Puppy That Helped Her Get Over the Grief After Her Husband’s Passing Is Her Greatest Joy.

The endearing grandmother strives to continue living her life in a healthy body. She does a lot of walking. She appears younger and takes care of her. This elderly woman should serve as an inspiration to many young women.

Even her loyal dachshund, Sally, is devoted to her. They get along great and she adores the dog. Together, they walk and play, and the woman lets the dog kiss and cuddle her. It is odd because most women her age don’t enjoy petting animals.

But there is one exception—this woman. Sally assisted her in overcoming her sadness after she lost her spouse. They had been married for a very long time and the woman loved her husband. After his passing, the woman was left without her and turned to her devoted friend Sally for comfort.

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