When Someone Tries To Ride a Dramatic Horse, He “Plays Dead.”

Horses and ranchers complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. Although it takes a lot of effort, they are usually able to educate their animals so that they will obey commands.

Except if you’re the owner of a horse like Jingang, that is. He has a wonderful strategy to get out of being ridden every time because he is so persistent about not wanting to be ridden.

 Dramatic horses ‘plays dead’ if someone tries to ride him

He will collapse to the ground like a goat that is about to pass out. All of this is done in the hopes that, if they believe he has passed away, they will simply leave him alone.

The ranchers record their own attempts to capture Jingang so they can use him as labor. But every time they do, the funniest scene is there to record.

It seems quite natural for a horse to not respond to commands right immediately, but they can’t even get Jingang into a training position for lessons.

He repeatedly enters the “playing dead” mode, and, to be honest, he’s kind of good at it.

First step. Jingang will fall to the ground, seemingly dead, as soon as the rancher approaches him.

Phase two. Other gestures of hand that Jingang will use include rolling his eyes back, sticking out his tongue, and holding his legs awkwardly.

Can we please give this horse something like an Oscar? Mr. Ed, Jingang is a truly excellent actor.

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