When She Sings to the Rescue Bull, He “Melts” Into Her Lap.

Patricia and her husband Vitor made the decision to leave the big city in 2011 and get back in touch with nature.

They arrived in Camanducaia, Brazil, and constructed a refuge there where her husband can grow organic food and she can instruct yoga.

According to the Sanctuary’s website, “Vale da Rainha shelters over a hundred Master Animals: cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, birds, dogs and cats – all of them saved from cruelty.” The Sanctuary then focuses on emotional recovery through compassion, which also benefits humans like us.

The Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization run primarily by volunteers. It’s the appropriate environment for growth on a personal level. They hold and promote the idea that although things don’t change, people do.

Patricia treated the staff members who helped run the refuge and the animals they saved with kindness and love.

They showed refuge to the bull one day. He was almost killed for meat, but instead, he climbed a wall and escaped. He was crying when he got to the sanctuary.

The bull stopped crying as soon as Patricia met him, according to Patricia. He was still a little frightened, but I had trusted that he would come to trust me.

The others warned Patricia that the bull was aggressive and would harm her. But Patricia was assured during their first meeting that the bull would never harm her.

Following that, Patricia would simply talk to him and sing to him while she searched for him in the sanctuary.

Patricia kept doing this up until the bull eventually sat down next to her and put his head on her lap. She realized the bull trusted her at that point.

The bull would now lay down on the ground when he saw her and show her his belly, where he was waiting to receive a belly rub. Patricia was glad to sing a song for him and do so.

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