People Are Tearing Up With Joy as This Lost Dog Finally Finds His Family

Adorable puppy Conway disappeared in November from his Highlands County, Florida, home. He was sadly nowhere to be found, despite the family’s best attempts.

The sad puppy was still missing as days quickly turned into weeks, then weeks into months.
His kind presence is no longer more than a bittersweet memory for Conway’s devastated family. It would not, however, last forever.
A malnourished and worn-out stray dog was found wandering a street by itself this week, exactly 10 months to the day after Conway vanished. The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office’s animal services division picked him up and took him there.
No one knew at the time how much the dog was missed or where he had come from.

Of course, the ragged dog was unable to describe his background or his identity. He did, however, have the solution on hand.
The authorities had all the information they had to notify Conway’s family after a fast scan revealed that he had been microchipped.
Their many months of suffering came to an end with that. A gathering was planned at the sheriff’s office. Conway arrived home at last.
The long trip of Conway and his family came to an emotional end, but theirs weren’t the only happy tears shed. When the reunion’s film was aired online, strangers were tempted to participate.

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“I cried seeing this video,” said the commenter.
Another person remarked, “That just made my tears run down my cheeks.”

Conway’s rescuers were overjoyed to see everything come together and for the wounded heart of a family to be repaired.

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