An Overjoyed Frenchie Begs the Police Horse To Play Because She Thinks He’s a “Big Dog.”

The horses caught the attention of the French Bulldog, who was out for a walk, as he watched them. He became very enthusiastic and went off to make friends with one of the horses because he thought they were “big dogs.” However, the poor dog kept pulling on the horse to try to get him to play even though his owner wouldn’t allow him past the patrol barrier.

The video describes a kind gesture the horse made toward the friendly French Bulldog. The horse stayed calm and focused in the face of obstacles and craziness. But after some time of being confused, the horse discovers that the little dog only wants to be buddies and doesn’t mean just to hurt him.

In order to communicate with the dog, the horse lowers his head over the barriers. The dog loses control and begins to jump with delight, lick the horse multiple times, and his eyes begin to glow. How lovely! It’s therefore not surprising that everyone on the street stopped to see this exceptional gift. Watch the video down below.

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