Using a Sneaky Technique, a Dachshund Teases Her Mom

A discreet dachshund blends in with a toy to conceal itself from its owner.
You shouldn’t be pulled in by Freida’s adorable little Dachshund grin and honest eyes.
Despite having a perfect façade of innocence, Freida has a sneaky side.
Freida and her companion, Rachel Silverstein, are typically inseparable; they go on hikes, swim together, and even go out to eat.
Silverstein, however, was unable to locate Freida the other day.

Sneaky Dachshund Plays Adorable Little Prank On Her Mom | Dogs and kids,  Dachshund, Therapy dogs
Silverstein recalled, “I spent a solid five minutes pacing around the house shouting for Freida. She even began to feel a little worried that her cherished dog had escaped.

But Silverstein quickly found that Freida’s toy chest included one more thing.
There was Freida herself.

Sneaky Dachshund Plays Hide-And-Seek With Her Human Mom - The Dodo

“Nope. Freida hadn’t left yet. Silverstein stated that she was in her toy bucket. observing my search for her.
Since then, Freida’s new favorite hiding place has been caught on camera by Silverstein.
This was not the first time Freida had chosen to play a practical joke on someone.

Sneaky Dachshund Plays Hide-And-Seek With Her Human Mom - The Dodo

According to Silverstein, “She will hide and let me seek her.” It is typically found beneath the bed, in the laundry, or in her teepee.

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