This Rescue Dog Has the Cutest Handlebar Mustache Ever

Every dog has facial hair from birth, and some even have considerable beards. This young dog was unique because he had a handlebar mustache.

This Shelter Puppy Has The Most Perfect Handlebar Mustache - The Dodo

The small family was cared for by shelter personnel for two weeks. They were aware that the scenario wasn’t sustainable for the family because of the up to 100 homeless animals.

According to Allison Seelig of Hearts & Bones Rescue, “Puppies are at very high risk for getting sick in the shelter setting. So we knew we had to get them out.” We were able to locate an amazing foster home in Dallas that took the entire family in when we went to visit them last week.

When they first encountered Salvador Dolly, also known as “Mustache Puppy,” many rescues were in amazement.

Meet Salvador Dolly, The Cutest Puppy With A Handlebar Mustache | Bored  Panda

Is that real? It is usually the first thing people ask. ” Seelig observed, “There’s a lot of screeching and ‘Omg, stop it!’ over her.” We all gushed over her siblings when we first met them, since they are all so gorgeous.

Salvador Dolly, who is only 5 weeks old, might seem too young to have a thick hipster mustache, but she isn’t embarrassed by her furry upper lip.

This Shelter Puppy Has The Most Perfect Handlebar Mustache - The Dodo

The entire family is content to live in a secure environment and receive the treatment and attention they require.

The fact that the puppies are still nursing can make things difficult for the mother, but her foster family makes sure to give her pause so she can relax. She’s also eating a lot to make sure she maintains a high calorie intake!

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