When a Woman Finds a Snake Slithering Around With Her Family’s Chicken, She Is Horrified

I suppose this is a little awkward.

While house-sitting last week for her parents in Texas, Sara Allison encountered an unexpected situation. When Allison paused to check on the family’s hens, she discovered an unwelcome guest. It  had undoubtedly made a home in the coop and was curled up behind one of its feathered residents.
A hen was curled up next to a snake.

Hen sits on thieving snake, leaves both owner, serpent baffled
Allison was stunned, but what was even more astonishing was how calm the chicken seemed.
Allison remarked, admitting she has no idea how the unique arrangement came about, “She didn’t seem bothered at all by the snake.” The chicken either walked over and sat on it, or it slithered beneath her, and she decided not to move.

The snake has been to the coop before, which is interesting to observe. Before, he had never been spotted approaching a bird up close.

Sue's in the Garden Growing the Groceries: Snake in the Hen House!

It seems Allison’s parents are aware of the wild rat snake, which has become an essential element in keeping the peace in the neighborhood. He makes frequent trips to the adjoining coop from his home, a wrecked car, and occasionally emerges to help himself to a freshly laid egg. In exchange, the snake frightens off dangerous pests and potential predators.
The snake is now referred to as Allison’s father’s “buddy” as a result.

Hen sits on thieving snake, leaves both owner, serpent baffled

According to Allison, “It has never attempted to hurt any chickens or their chicks.” Because it is free rodent control, we are happy about it. I believe that the snake should be tolerated as long as it doesn’t hurt the chickens.
Allison decided to follow the hen’s example and leave the cuddled-up snake alone. However, when she checked again a short while later, she discovered that the snake had left on its own.

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