The Real Sad Story Behind the Giant Cow That Went Viral

From the other cows in the herd, this one stands out particularly.

Knickers the Holstein towers over his fellow cows at 6 feet 4 inches tall, and last week, after his story went viral, he captured the hearts of people all over the world.

The Sad Truth Behind Knickers The 'Giant' Cow - The Dodo
According to Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director, Susie Coston, the truth behind his story is far more devastating.
Knickers isn’t exactly a huge horse; rather, it’s unusual to see an adult, full-grown Holstein like him. According to Coston, they are typically killed soon after their second birthday.
When people see our adult Holsteins in person, they “freak out,” according to Coston. They had never encountered cows this size. They are extraordinary creatures.

A Holstein is simply too big to get through the killing equipment when it reaches adulthood, like Knickers at age 7. Geoff Pearson, the owner of Knickers and a cattle farmer from Australia, spared him as a result.

The Sad Truth Behind Knickers The 'Giant' Cow - The Dodo

The steer, according to Pearson, is unquestionably the herd’s patriarch. It frequently directs the smaller cows in terms of where to graze and travel, while also protecting them from attack.

In Coston’s opinion, Holstein steers are among the sweetest and friendliest animals, and as a result, they frequently become herd leaders. However, Coston believes that Knickers’ participation will have a devastating impact on him.

Knickers the steer, one of the world's biggest steers, avoids the abattoir  thanks to his size - ABC News

Knickers is probably happy to be around other cows, according to Coston.
Losing one of their herds may be incredibly upsetting for cows since they have such close bonds with their herds. Knickers will inevitably face the same situation year after year, according to Coston.
According to Coston, the chance to educate people about how cows actually behave is present when items like this go viral. He is without a doubt adored by the Knickers’ herd.


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