At the State Fair, a Teen and His Cow Lose, but They Cuddle up and Capture the Hearts of Millions.

With the caption “Our son Mitchell and his heifer after showing yesterday,” the photo was uploaded. Instantly, it became popular, and the next day, it had gotten more than 15,000 likes.

According to the boy’s mother, Laura Miner, “I think when you spend that much time with them, they grow incredibly comfortable,” she told the Des Moines Register. She was raised on a farm, as was her husband, but today they live far away and want their children to know where once they lived.

Do that her children might learn what it’s like to live on a farm. “The farm taught us a lot,” Jeremy Miner, Mitchell’s father, said. We are doing our best to uphold the principles we were taught as children.

When the events are over in September, Audri, the cow who enjoys napping, will go back to the dairy farm!

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