German Shepherd Dwarf: The Ranger

Ranger had pituitary dwarfism as a result of inbreeding, giving him a puppy-like appearance. According to veterinarian Lynn Janes, “Dwarfism is an inherited genetic disorder in which both parents possess the genetic defect.” A dog’s growth comes after two months due to a lack of growth hormone. Puppies with the condition are always smaller and lack adult hair.”

Shelby Mayo, Ranger’s owner, takes good care of him. because dwarf dogs typically pass away before turning three. Shelby’s care for Ranger has made him look as healthy as can be.

To spread awareness about dog inbreeding, she also set up a Ranger Instagram account. Over 139,000 people are current subscribers to Shelby. When contacted to breed small German Shepherd puppies, Shelby is very offended.

Although Shelby adores Ranger, she makes a determined effort to stop the inbreeding of dwarfism. Because dwarfism significantly shortens an animal’s lifetime.

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