Cats and a Squirrel Become Buddies Through the Window.

Here’s a fun activity you can do to provide your cat with visuals. You can build a window feeder to attract birds and other creatures to your house, such as squirrels.

Can a squirrel befriend a cat? - Quora

When you have to leave your cats at home alone, installing a window feeder is a fairly inexpensive solution to keep them occupied for a long time. These three cats would spend four hours a day looking out the window after the window feeder was installed to observe what was happening. A squirrel visits the window feeder one day in order to eat some nuts.

Can a squirrel befriend a cat? - Quora

One of the cats was brave enough to approach the young squirrel at the window feeder. He attempted to make friends with it. The cat scratches the window as though to greet visitors. The squirrel observes the cat while standing by the feeder.

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