The Mother Uses the Stairs, and the Dog Has a Big Tantrum When She Realizes It

Aurora Angel Beste, Nala’s mother, told The Dodo that her daughter “is quite the character,” adding that she is “so friendly but so, so lazy.”
Nala dislikes working out, especially when it is not done on her terms. She rides the elevator with her mother to get home every day, and if they don’t, Nala demands to be carried. Nala’s veterinarian recently observed that she was sagging somewhat, though.

Dog Throws A Total Tantrum When She Realizes Mom Wants To Take The Stairs |  Dog throw, Dog friends, Dogs

Beste made the decision that they would now take the stairs every day going forward. However, Nala protested on the first day of their new effort.

Beste posted on Facebook, “Her first day doing stairs was kind of rough.”
When Nala and her mother reached the second floor of their five-story home, she was adamantly finished.

Dog Hates Going Up Stairs - The Dodo

Nala, who was experiencing this “torture,” looked for a corner on level 4 and buried her face in it, refusing to look at the offender.
Nala finally let out a spectacular collapse at floor five, thinking that her theatrics would earn her a ride on the elevator the next time. Unfortunately for Nala, though, her mother has determined that they are in this together for the long haul.

Dog Hates Going Up Stairs - The Dodo

Nala has reluctantly gotten better at utilizing the stairs since their initial attempt, though she still mainly dislikes them.

Beste said that it depends on how she is feeling at the time. She might be extremely stubborn at times, but she can also give in easily. Even if she does get up, she moves slowly since she doesn’t feel any sense of urgency.

Nala could learn to love the stairs eventually, but her mother isn’t holding her breath.


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