A 5-Year-old Girl Wants To Help a Duck That Considers Her To Be His Mother Since They Have a Special Relationship.

When Kylie Brown’s parents brought home a baby duckling they had recently rescued from the sea, Kylie was only 4 years old. But the girl fell head over heels for the adorable little thing. She asked if she could watch over him.

Duck pals: A girl and her duck - YouTube

We took him home, and now this crying little yellow furball is in a box. He was quiet everywhere Kylie went when she approached the box and leaned in. If she left, he would squawk and be terrified.

The two didn’t get along all that well a few years back. They no longer can be separated when they play, sleep, swim, or sled. In addition, the duckling’s name, Snowflake, makes it clear that Kylie is his mother.

Of course, the 5-year-old daughter adores this story and shows it. They are good buddies, he explains. ” I’ve seen (Kylie) grow. She has been much more cautious in recent years. She takes excellent care of him. I’m his mother,” Kylie told CBS.

It turns out that Snowflake’s new behavior isn’t all that unusual for a duckling. According to a biologist in Austria, ducklings and goslings “print” on any moving object they come across. Snowflakes stick on sweet, pleasant girls. It was a person in this case rather than an item.

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