Do You Know That the Existence of Australian Blue Bees Has Gone Viral?

One of the most beautiful insects on the earth is without a doubt the blue-striped bee. It is native to Australia. These little creatures have metallic-blue stripes across their small bellies, as suggested by their name. Nevertheless, whether they believe it or not, Aussie was unaware of the existence of these incredible creatures, which are throughout the continent, with the exception of Tasmania.

Nick Volpe, a wildlife photographer, recently posted a series of stunning blue bee images online, and many Australians went completely viral without even being aware that the critter even existed.

The blue bee enjoys surprising the bloom, just like any other bee (or creature). They do not, however, make honey, but are renowned for buzz pollination. This is the process of shaking specific flowers to remove their pollen.

Despite its bites, this species, also known as Amegilla cingulate, is not invasive. Blue bees can reach a height of 0.45 inches and can have solitary lives that last up to 40 days.

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