When a Sister Tries to Break the Rules, the Dog Decides to Assist Her

Ask Molly and Marco, who are always there to provide a hand; certain rules are designed to be broken.
They are collectively refusing to accept “no-no” as an answer.
Carolyn Warmm purchased Molly and Marco a few years ago when they were puppies. Molly, the darker of the two, often makes the first move.

Thoughtful Dog Helps His Sister Escape Over Fence - The Dodo

Warmm remarked that Molly was more obstinate than Marco, who had a “gentler demeanor.” They have always worked together since the day they were born.

Warmm frequently takes Molly and Marco to the office. Usually, she uses a little fence at her door to keep them from running wild. That does make sense, but Molly clearly views the barrier as something to go through.

Thoughtful Dog Helps His Sister Escape Over Fence - The Dodo

And, in one particularly remarkable case, she managed to do so with the aid of her brother.
Warmm couldn’t help but feel proud after watching the escapee and her enabler despite the pups’ blatant resistance.
“What a brilliant breed, I thought, what a clever breed,” she remarked. “I was delighted to learn that Marco is a very kind brother.”

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But really, who could be angry with these faces?
Here’s to many more Marco and Molly mischievous and non-mischievous adventures!


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