Meet Marie! The Kitten Looks Like an Adorable Panda!

She was followed by her two siblings and wasn’t the only one. The infants were in terrible condition. All of these were taken by staff members of the Spanish animal care center ADAC Cerdanyola. When discovered, they were two to three weeks old.

Olga, a volunteer, started taking care of them right away. They required quick treatment.

The box was damp and filthy when they discovered the kittens. Only baby Marie, out of the three, resembles a panda that has been through a lot. The guardians used all appropriate precautions to preserve her life.

Marie developed into a very loving cat. She constantly made an effort to focus. To play with, she tracked down two additional kittens. They started to hang out together and got close to Marie.

The child is currently enjoying her temporary residence! She will eventually find a loving family.

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