An Updated Version of a Student’s First-day Photo With His Beloved Dog

Time is measured in beloved memories that are made along the way as much as in the months and years that pass. Just ask Ruger, the good dog. He’s made a good living.
Corie Bliss and her family got Ruger more than ten years ago, when he was just a puppy. Since then, he has made them happy in every moment. Bliss said  “We try to take him with us everywhere.”

” Naturally, Ruger and Dylan, Bliss’ son, quickly became friends when they were puppies. Dylan, who was still a little child when they first met, has achieved nearly every milestone thus far with Ruger by his side. And recently, Bliss discovered a charming method to show it.

When Bliss was going through old photos, she found a picture of Dylan and Ruger on their first day of first grade. On the evening of his high school graduation, I wanted to reproduce the image.

Recent Grad And Beloved Dog Recreate Photo From First Day Of School - The  Dodo

When Bliss viewed the two photos side by side and saw the friendship that had been captured there for decades, she couldn’t help but cry.

“Having Ruger with me during school was amazing,” he told The Dodo. No matter what grade I was in, I always recall coming home and being greeted by Ruger at the door.

Dog Tries To Hide Spilled Food - The Dodo
Despite being an old dog with health concerns, Ruger is still creating memories.

In fact, there is no stopping time from moving forward. But the love that dogs like Ruger leave behind endures forever.

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