A Good-Hearted Person Who Valued True Friendship Over Shelter

Omar Camarillo’s heartbreaking photo collection includes a picture of an elderly woman who is homeless in Tijuana, Mexico. She simply makes an effort to protect herself from the rain and the cold. She is only carrying a plastic bag. The secret story is heartwarming even though the situation is tragic. The elderly woman had the choice to enter a shelter, but she refused because she could not part with her six best friends—the dogs.

Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran was the 65-year-old woman. She was also popular as a “Chole.” She has lived on the streets for eight years, yet despite this, she cares more about her lovely pals than she does about herself. She also thinks about their hunger before thinking about herself.

Camarillo was taken aback by this incident, so the local police arrived to meet her and asked her to go to a lodge. Because she won’t let her go there with her furry companions, she rejected that.

She has stated that she does not need assistance and does not want to go there.

She finally consented to spend the night at her son’s house, and the next morning she and her dogs were back on the streets. As a result, her heartbreaking story became viral on Facebook and many people chose to help her. One person who was astounded by Chole’s loyalty to her devoted pals was Alejandra Cordova Castro.

Alejandra said on Facebook that if a person does not know how to love, they do not know how to love.

Luz Maria now has a place to live with her loves thanks to the assistance of many. She is happy that she may bring them along as well.

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