One Person Helped To Save the Baby Cow Whose Head Was Stuck in a Tree

The other day, Nolan Fogle and his child were out hiking when they came across an unusual object.

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They noticed a young calf in excruciating need of assistance in the distance, in what Fogle called “the middle of nowhere,”
The young calf, alone in the field, managed to get his head wedged between the fork of the tree trunk.

Man finds baby cow with head stuck in tree, knows exactly what to do

Who knows how long he had been there, but the calf couldn’t have made it out on his own, regardless of how long he had been there. Fortunately, help arrived right when he needed it, as if by a miracle. Fogle acted without hesitation. He approached the helpless calf in silence and began to save his life.


The chances of us finding this wretched individual, continued Fogle, were outrageously small. This is a place I’ve never been to.

Cow With Head Stuck In Tree Is So Happy Someone Stopped To Save Him - The  Dodo

Fogle then provided the calf with water before returning it to his home without incident.
The calf appeared to be in good health despite his trauma and was undoubtedly appreciative of the stranger who stopped to assist.
Fogle was also appreciative.
I’m just happy that we were there at the appropriate time, he remarked.

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