On the Job, Sausage Dog and Seal Young Puppy First Met and Become Friends

Not only humans have the desire to establish new, close friends. Animals are also impacted in a similar way. This lovely relationship also developed between Stanley, and a puppy. He recently traveled to Cornwall with his owner to explore the local seal haven, and while there, he met a seal pup by the name of Aayla.

Dachshund Stanley, often known as the sausage dog, traveled with Melanie Talbot, a human companion. They stayed in Cornwall, England, to continue their close-knit relationship. And they decided to visit the Cornish Seal Shelter run by the Sea Life Trust Fund.

At the Cornish Seal Haven, Stanley and Aayla, the land puppy and the sea puppy, later grew close. Aayla is a permanent resident of Seal Haven. Aayla caught Stanley’s attention as he entered the underwater observation area. Both were excited to meet one another. Aayla was swimming about curiously and inspecting the sausage puppy while Stanley was astonishedly staring.

After that, the two new friends talked to each other for a good 20 minutes.


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