An Old Pregnant Mare Gives Birth to Two Rare and Healthy Twin Foals

The likelihood that a mare will successfully deliver twins is only about 9%. American paint horse Tiki, who is 16 years old, gave birth to adorable twin babies.

Her fetuses have already had ultrasounds by the Masons. At the Colney and Koontz Hospital in Columbia City, Indiana, she gave birth to them in 2011.

The newborn colt’s weight was 86 pounds. He was healthy when he was born as a horse at approximately midnight. After that, at around 10 minutes after midnight, a 59-pound filly was delivered. The filly was able to stand and walk independently ten minutes after birth.

Rare horse twins thrive – The Licking News

It is undeniable that horses are not designed to give birth to twins. Because mares bearing twin foals frequently abandon one or both of the calves, her owners kept a close eye on Tiki. Tiki, on the other hand, never refused Woodcock Pocket or Charming Opal. She gave birth to a lovely infant. She is a wonderful mother since, at age 16 when she became a mother, she accepted her children. So beautiful and uncommon at the same time.

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