A Lost Pig Pursues a Policeman and Demands They Become Friends

When the Clearwater Police Department in Florida received a report of an animal running loose, Officer Brittani Berg had no idea she would become the object of a pursuit.

However, it turned out that the curly-tailed suspect in this case was more than happy to turn herself in—or, to be more precise, to turn herself into Berg’s new friend.

Lost Pig Chases Cop Down Until She Becomes Her Friend - The Dodo

On Friday morning, as the homeowners were leaving for work, they discovered the stray pig skulking around in their garage. They requested assistance from the police because they were unsure of the pig’s origin.

Law enforcement knew this would be a memorable incident even before they arrived on the scene.

Every day, “our officers handle a wide variety of calls,” a police department official said. “They don’t get calls about lost pigs very often.”

Lost Pig Chases Cop Down Until She Becomes Her Friend - The Dodo

The pig wasn’t the type to avoid capture right away, according to Berg, who arrived shortly after. In actuality, the exact opposite.
Fortunately, help eventually showed up, and food and drink were given to the pig to calm him down. In the interim, Berg and her coworkers made unsuccessful attempts to find the pig’s owner in the interim.

Pensacola police trying to wrangle a pig on the loose : r/pics
However, they appeared to be rather certain that this confrontation would end well.
When the chase was finished and things had settled down, the pig finally got her wish for a new friend.
Berg was undoubtedly charmed, it might be said.
After snapping pictures with her new pal, the pig was adopted by the SPCA to keep her safe until her family could be located. Thankfully, doing that didn’t take very long.

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