The Little Rat Always Runs To His Giant Dog Friend To Take The Coziest Naps

Nuka has always been a good dog. The black German shepherd was raised in a house full of small critters and he has always loved animals of all sizes.

Nuka’s mother said  that her boy was wise above his years due to how generally composed and laid-back he is.

Little Rat Loves To Cuddle And Snuggle With His Giant Dog Friend
Due to the COVID-19 outage, a nearby pet store was searching for emergency homes for its animals in April, and Nuka welcomed a new member into his busy household. Blue, the gray and white rat, was obviously in need of solace, and Nuka was more than delighted to provide it.

When compared to my other rats, “Blue and Nuka had this immediately clear connection,” Yates said. More than anything, Blue seems to cherish Nuka. He adored cuddling up to Nuka, and if I set him down on the floor, he would immediately start looking for Nuka.

Rat Loves Nothing More Than To Snuggle His Dog Friend - The Dodo

Nuka’s mother taught him to lie down whenever she entered the room with a small animal when he was a puppy. Then, once he has calmed down, Yates permits him to play gently with his smaller brothers.

Little Rat Always Runs To His Giant Dog Friend To Take The Coziest Naps | Dog  friends, Giant dogs, Dogs

Despite their older brother’s size, they aren’t terrified of him. The new situation for Blue is perfect in every sense. Thanks to Nuka’s thick hair, the little rat has the perfect nest. In addition, if Nuka sees Blue nodding off, he won’t move out of fear of waking him up.

When Blue is awake, he even uses his friend’s dog as a jungle gym because he feels so at ease around him. Nuka doesn’t appear to care at all and is simply pleased that his companion is content.



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