A Russian Artist Felts Wool To Create Charming Creatures

Russian artist Yulia Derevschikova lives in Khabarovsk. She crafts lovely wool and felt critters that resemble creatures from a Disney film. Since she began creating these adorable critters in 2015, Yulia has created over 100 of them. The artist uses “felted wool,” a process that is unique yet appears to be very close to “wool felt.” The first one focuses mostly on weaving and threading, while the second does not.

Wool becomes fluffier throughout the felting process, giving it a delicate, silky feel that is perfect for creating these adorable little balls of fluff.

With this felted wool, Yulia can create a variety of odd animals, including those from the forests. Because she has an eye for aesthetics, each of her artistic creations has a distinct flair. You have to be highly committed because it can take up to 20 hours to make each animal. The artist takes inspiration from her love of animals. Here are some of her best pieces so you can see how adorable these little critters are.

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