The Blind and Lonely Bison Finds It Challenging To Draw the Attention of Other Animals, but Then She Meets Oliver

Since being saved in 2016, Helen has had a hard time making friends. The staff at the center feared she might pass away from grief. However, this supposedly lost soul has grown. And right now, it ranks among the most moving animal stories ever told.
And right now, it ranks among the most moving animal stories ever told.

The Jersey cow from the farm, Oliver, has unintentionally changed the situation. He earned Helen’s confidence, and the two of them became good friends. Now they act as a team. The sanctuary’s Gwen explained, “He’s actually a newborn buffalo.”

Their remarkable relationship benefits both parties, just like any great friendship. Clearly, Helen developed her mental strength and self-assurance. Though Oliver hired a babysitter. They each got a real friend.

Oliver’s mother Betsy frequently leaves him at “daycare,” Gwen noted, “and wanders around while Helen watches over him.” “I see them caring for one another, which is amazing because I don’t think Helen has ever had that chance before,” said the observer.

There are many different animals at the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, including cows and horses. The sanctuary’s mission is to help disadvantaged animals. Everyone has the right to be free, according to the philosophy at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. “We offer those who have suffered the greatest hope and the possibility of freedom.”


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