Dog Enjoys “Disappearing” To Test Family’s Devotion

We’d like to introduce you to Sonic, a beloved member of his family’s pug pack. But Sonic found a way to prove their love: he vanished all by himself.
Sonic has a peculiar propensity to hide when he feels ignored for a prolonged period of time. However, his preferred hiding place provides nothing in the way of real concealment. Sonic is confused.

Dog Likes To Test His Family's Devotion By Making Himself ...

He enjoys watching his family worry from there, hidden behind lace curtains, as a reminder of how much worse things are without him.
When we call for him, he does not respond. “He simply stares,” Sonic Junior Alvarado, owner of Sonic Junior, told The Dodo. He believes that we are blind to him.

Sonic is always hiding somewhere, of course, but Alvarado and his family are aware of this and play along to show Sonic how much they care.
Alvarado remarked, “He merely looks through the curtains while we act like we’re looking for him.”
Once Sonic thinks they have learned their lesson or are about to give up the search, he will expose himself to his family to put them at ease.
We’ll remark something along the lines of, “Oh, look! Alvarado exclaimed, “Sonic’s there!

Almost daily, Sonic puts his fans to the test, and they consistently pass. Sonic deserves nothing less, after all.

He’s a pretty well-cared-for dog, Alvarado said. “We enjoy animals. He is treated like family by us.

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