He Provides the Nicest Sled Ride for His Dog

When you are young, everything is really different. Winter is when most people experience the most headaches. Kids have a great time in the winter when there is a lot of snow. Many people in Cluj county, Romania, choose to stay indoors and stay warm during a recent snowstorm. People were admiring the beauty of winter from their windows. This young man walked his dog.

The streets of Râşca were snow-covered. To enjoy the snow, Andrei went outside with his bike, Pufi the dog, and a snow sled. He didn’t add Pufi to the bike slide till after that. He immediately had one of the nicest rides of his life after getting on it.

CERT Transilvania visited Andrei and Pufi after their viral video went viral. And not just to say “hello,” but also to gift them a brand-new pair of Nikes so they may do more excursions.

CERT Transilvania wrote on Facebook, “Andrei and Pufi the puppy delighted us. They remarked, “Andrei made us want to be youngsters again.” “We were brought back to the simple pleasures of childhood: a sled, a pal, and some snow.” Along with providing Andrei with a new bike, we also made him happy by equipping it with everything he will require going forward.

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