German Shepherd Is Completely He Is a Bird, Yes

When Kai was a puppy, he would spend warm summer days drinking from the birdbath in his parents’ yard.
Kai’s mother, Ashley Shell, told The Dodo that despite having a pool in the backyard, Kai frequently chose to drink from the birdbath because it was closer.

German Shepherd Is 100 Percent Sure He's A Bird | German shepherd photography, German shepherd puppies, German shepherd

At first, Kai used to stand on his hind legs and drink water from the birdbath. But after observing the birds using it to cool off, the dog had an excellent thought. Why travel all the way to the pool for a dive when he already had the ideal place?

Shell saw how much her dog loved the birdbath when Kai reached a new level of fixation, and she then began recording.

German Shepherd Is 100 Percent Sure He's A Bird | German shepherd, Bird bath, Best dog breeds

“I started recording him since I was astonished by the balance,” Shell observed as the man started diving into it to get a drink. In this video, he actually jumped up and laid down for the first time.
Kai entered the shaky bowl after making his way around it and appeared at ease. There, he was able to bathe and drink simultaneously, and he did so for nearly ten minutes.
Shell added that he’s incredibly smart and always working things out. But he also enjoys playing and has a funny side.

Spunky German shepherd is totally convinced he's a bird


Sadly, Kai can no longer fit in the birdbath like he could when he was a 6-month-old puppy since he has outgrown it. He still enjoys taking a refreshing swim whenever he can, though.

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