A Wild Duck Decides To Be Best Friends With a Dog After Meeting One

The duck in the pond behind Evan Hastings’ home lived alone before encountering McGee.

The sweet-natured 6-year-old dog doesn’t seem to mind if his feathered friend is a little demanding.

Duck Always Rides On Dog's Back Whenever They Go Swimming - The Dodo

Hastings told The Dodo that the dog was “a wonderful, friendly dog with not a mean bone in his body.” “I believe the duck was just feeling lonely and began bugging McGee before they became best friends.”

The duck, who has been given the name Daffy, now spends his days lazing around with McGee. McGee is exceedingly patient, despite Daffy’s persistent attempts to attract his attention. Every morning, he even shares his food with Daffy, and they both eat out of the same bowl.

Hastings predicted that McGee and the duck would spend the entire day dozing off in the grass. I think that, after a while, the duck’s continual pecking at McGee for no apparent reason irritates him.

Duck Always Rides On Dog's Back Whenever They Go Swimming - The Dodo

McGee and Daffy usually go swimming together in the evenings, and Daffy hardly ever leaves their side. When Daffy swims in the pond, he likes to ride McGee out of the water afterward. McGee appeared to enjoy “retrieving” Daffy just as much when lying on his back.
When they swim together, the duck often tries to climb onto his back, according to Hastings. It’s hilarious when he holds his wings straight out when he’s up there.

Dog And Wild Duck Form The Most Adorable Unlikely Friendship

Daffy doesn’t appreciate it one bit when Hasting’s other dogs try to join in the fun. According to Hastings, the duck really follows my two beagle dogs back to the kennel when I let them out in the evening. The duck is avoiding McGee for some reason, perhaps to have him all to himself.

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